Dennis Moya Razafimandimby
Swiss art director based in Lausanne
Currently, he is an art director at the communication and design agency Hørde, working closely with the creative, marketing, editorial, social and strategy teams. He is the co-founder and art director of the type design studio Newglyph. He initiated numerous projects to promote visual communication such as @swissposters, and amongst others. 
Previously, he helped launch the online store of ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne, and worked as its communication manager. He was a graphic designer and communication manager of the type design agency Swiss Typefaces. And taught Contemporary Visual Communication at Eracom (Art and Communication School), Lausanne.
Amongst the years and experiences, he created ideas and concepts for clients from various industries such as swiss watchmaking brands, swiss industrial and corporate companies, cultural institutions, and lately web3 ventures.
His interests for art, fashion, photography and books led him into a personal practice of typographic composing and visual imagery artworks as way of expression.

Newglyph SA
Hørde SA
past experiences
Shop and communication manager for ECAL (2019–2020)
Lecturer (contemporary graphic design history) at Eracom (2019–2020)
Event coordinator at Connections  (2016-2020)
Designer and communication manager at Swiss Typefaces (2016–2019)
Graphic designer at Marks, Supero and Balmer Hählen (2014–2016)
Founder and editor at (2011–2018)